Our Ministries

We're still updating this page, so be sure to check back soon for more information. Below you'll find contact info for our various ministries.

House Churches meet twice a month on Sunday mornings to worship, share the Eucharist, and live life together. Contact Juliet Liu for more details, [email protected]

Discipleship Groups ("GROW Labs" or Triads): Juliet Liu, [email protected]

Children & Family Ministries: Leah Strom, [email protected]

Youth and Family Ministry: Jeff ([email protected]) and Susanne Calhoun ([email protected] )

Liturgical Arts: Eric Bangeman, [email protected]

Prayer Team: Dan Brennan, [email protected]

Musical Worship Teams: Anna Tendero, [email protected]

Interested in offering your musical gifts to our worship teams? Contact Anna.

Open Table Food Ministry: Carol Hiestand, [email protected]

Every Monday, our church receives food donations from nearby grocery stores such as Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Fresh Market. All are welcome to come partake of the abundance!

Albany Park Mission: Laurie Frey, [email protected]

Every other month, we join our sister church in the Albany Park neighborhood of Chicago and serve a meal for the homeless there. 

Arts Ministry: Contact Juliet, [email protected]

Benevolence Fund: Stan & Laurie Frey, [email protected]

A special fund designated for those among us who are in need of some financial support and discernment.

Treasury/Giving: Dina Lindemann, [email protected]

Administrative Support: Susanne Calhoun ([email protected] )

Property and Grounds Management: Jeff ([email protected])