Children's Ministry

Jesus says, "Let the little ones come to me, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."

Making space in our lives to worship with the children is a practice that welcomes Christ's presence and kingdom into our lives. We are more than mere babysitters - we are fellow worshippers with them! Children teach us how to imagine and wonder again. We go into our time with them knowing that we will learn from them as much as they are learning from us.

Below are links to sign-up to be with our children. 

Children's Worship (ages 4-9)

Blossoms (ages 2-3)

Seedlings (newborn to 2 years)

Children's Classes

The following classes are available during our worship service. 
All children are picked up from their classrooms by their parents after the sermon and prayers of the people.

  • Children's Worship

    Children's Worship (4-9 years old): Begins in the main sanctuary with everyone until after the Scripture readings. A worship leader will dismiss them at the appropriate time by saying: "Children, the Lord be with you as you worship." And the children will respond: And also with you.

    Using curriculum from Godly Play and Illustrated Children's Ministry, we gather together to hear God's story in a multi-sensory and imaginative way. We take time to ponder the story. We respond with art, play, and activity.

  • Blossoms Worship

    Blossoms (2-4 years old): Drop-off before service begins

    We begin introducing our toddlers to the rhythms of worship. They begin with play time, then we gather around the worship table to hear God's story with imagination and wonder. 

    Each Sunday, the children pass around the (battery operated) candle and say, "God is with us." They also take turns holding the Bible close to their hearts and saying, "God loves to speak to us." After story time, the children enjoy a snack and give thanks together.

  • Seedlings Nursery

    Seedlings (newborns to 2 years old): Drop-off before service begins

    Our nursery caregiver, Kira, has been with our church community for over 12 years! She and other volunteers provide a safe and nurturing place for out littlest ones to play.